Tommy Chong Tour Details



Visit a High-End Dispensary.

We’ll start our tour with a visit to MMD, a favorite of locals for its wide variety of products. Whether you’re looking for edibles, flower, dabs/wax, concentrates, CBD or any other type of cannabis, you can rest assured that MMD has what you’re looking for! Plus, all guests will enjoy a special 10% off their entire purchase in addition to a 50% tax break from the dispensary’s owner.

Experience one of SoCal’s only licensed Cannabis Grow facilities.

Next, we’ll swing by the grow famous for creating the strain Skywalker OG! Here, you can get up close and personal with the cultivation process to learn firsthand how marijuana is grown for sale and consumption. Plus, be prepared to come with questions for the master grower who oversees the entire production.

Smoke in Style with a Cannabis Culture Icon.

Our tour continues to Hollywood with living legend Tommy Chong for this exclusive meet-and-greet and epic bake session.  Ever wanted to smoke a joint with Tommy or get his autograph?  Here’s your chance!  Tommy Chong is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, writer, director, musician and cannabis rights activist who is known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin, as well as playing the character Leo on Fox’s That 70’s Show.

Munch like a Critic.

Cannabis Catered Events joins in on the fun, providing CBD-infused hors d’oeuvres for all of our guests at the celebrity bake session.  Sent to us directly from the Canna Chef Union, Chef “Flip Fantabulas” AKA Rudy Sta Ana, will prepare mouth-watering treats usually reserved for the Hollywood elite!