Do You have a film that needs exposure ?

Keith Kurlander started Rad TV in 1983 on cable TV which showcased music videos that MTV wouldn't or couldn't play, experimental video art, film pieces and performance art. He would then add at least one or two music videos that he had created either by himself or with his band all recorded under the name IdIoT-SaVant. He still records and most the music videos can be seen here in chronological order at
The idea was to ultimately have a channel 24 hrs a day where the viewer would be completely surprised with programming from the underground that they could see nowhere else while providing a platform for rising independent producers, musicians, artists and directors. Fast forward to 2002 when he created the Rad Digital Film Festival. He saw the burgeoning sea of creativity being produced outside the realms of traditional filmmaking with the use of the quickly evolving digital technology in production and projection. It was held at the prestigious Sunset Laemmle Theater and had submissions from around the world. Here's a few pics.

   Welcome to the Hollyweed Film Festival  a truly digital Film Festival that can be seen around the world
24 hrs a day.