1. WHO — This fest is the brainchild of Keith Kurlander who also owned his own post house, directed around 50 alt-rock and rap videos and worked as an editor on shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight and the Howie Mandel show to name a few. This isn’t Keith’s first film festival. In 2002 he created the Rad Digital Film Festival. He saw the burgeoning sea of creativity being produced outside the realms of traditional filmmaking with the use of the quickly evolving digital technology and saw this as an opportunity to present these works to the world. It was held at the prestigious Sunset Laemmle Theater and had submissions from around the globe.

2. WHY — When the Hollywood Sign got changed to Hollyweed in 2017 this created a disruption that was seen around the world and that’s what H.F.F. aims to do to the film industry, disrupt the status quo. What’s really cool about this fest is that everybody who enters gets either their trailer or film piece linked directly to the website so that everybody including fans and industry insiders can view entries 24/7. This way, the filmmaker has a much greater chance of getting a distribution deal then at a traditional festival where your odds of even getting screened are slim at best and picked up for distribution almost none.

3. WHAT — As you may have noticed there’s a green cultural revolution going on in America and this festival reflects and embraces this change. What used to be criminal is now legal and what better way to emphasize that then to have the grand prize be a cannabis tour that culminates in meeting and lighting one up with the Father of Stoner Films, Tommy Chong.

4. WHEN — The festival will be held on September 2020

5. WHERE — At the Complex in Hollywood, 6476 Santa Monica Bl. La, Ca 90038  http://www.complexhollywood.com/