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The HOLLYWEED FILM FESTIVAL is an Online & Theatrical Festival that will be seen by Industry Professionals. It's the brainchild of Keith Kurlander and Dennis Woodruff who have collaborated on numerous out the box indie movies. If you have a movie, short film, experimental film or animation that needs to get professional eyes on it, This is the Place. The online festival is now open and will run until our showing at The Complex in Hollywood on 9/29/2019. The Grand Winner will be selected at the end of the September and what is the prize? Why it's a personal tour of Hollywood with World Famous Director, Actor, Filmmaker Dennis Woodruff, in an updated car.  After the end of September your film can stay on the website but it will be moved down the timeline to make room for the next crop of entries. You retain all rights to your film at all times. If you're confused as to why it called Hollyweed instead of Hollywood read about it HERE.


ST. MARTIN'S SCHUFFLE  -  Director Paul T. Morgan


A man goes from killer to lover. Smoking some devil's weed ignites his conscience followed by the voices in his head.


total running time 6:38 - Super Surreal Crime Short